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  1. What is Loss Mitigation?
    It is the process of working out a permanent, equitable, and fair solution between you and your lender that eliminates or reduces current debt you have incurred from a bad mortgage.
  2. What is a loan Modification?
    In simplest terms, a loan modification restructures the terms of a loan without actually refinancing the property it secures. Skilled home modification legal specialists work on behalf of borrowers with their lenders to achieve the relief of a home loan modification via drastically reduced mortgage payments.

    With a loan "modification" you take the mortgage you now have and change the interest rate and payment requirements in order to achieve a fixed rate. A change in rates and payments does not result in the need for a new closing, legal fees, survey, appraisal, or taxes. In contrast, if you "refinance" a loan you'll be required to have a closing and forced to pay a variety of fees and taxes.

    Lenders are willing to negotiate when borrowers are facing financial difficulties and can't obtain other financing alternatives. CAPITAL LAW CENTER Robert W. Carlson & Associates, P.A. shows the lender why it would be in the lender's best interest to agree to a workout arrangement. In turn, the lender will reduce the loan interest rate, reduce monthly payment amounts or change other loan terms to allow for an affordable loan to allow the homeowners to avoid foreclosure.
  3. What happens during a Loan Modification?
    During a loan modification the terms of your mortgage are renegotiated to bring the interest rate down to a percentage that fits into your budget and the monthly payment no longer presents a severe strain on your ability to meet your other financial obligations.
  4. Can I a loan modification myself?
    Yes, but should you? It really depends on the results you want to achieve. Would you represent yourself in court? How would you do if you represented yourself in court? If you are in trouble with your loan, you want the very best result and we can get that for you! Our Attorneys only job is to work with lenders and modify loans, every day, five days a week. By letting CAPITAL LAW CENTER Robert W. Carlson & Associates, P.A. do what we do best; you will get better results with a lot less stress.
  5. Does the Mortgage Company want to foreclose on my property and take my home?
    The answer is NO. When a mortgage company forecloses on a property, they almost invariably lose money. They lose even more if they are forced to take ownership of the property. Because of the mortgage company's as well as the investor's likely losses on foreclosed properties, there are wonderful ways to either avoid going into foreclosure or to get out of it. This is the good news.

    The bad news is that you are really nothing more than a loan number (usually one of millions) to your mortgage company. While not trying to insult your mortgage company, they don't need or want to specifically help you. They simply need to ensure that they meet their numbers. While it may be encouraging to know that their financial interests lie in keeping you out of foreclosure, you should also realize that mortgage companies are some of the largest owners of real estate in the world. This is directly attributable to the sheer number of properties they assume after the foreclosure sale.
  6. What is needed from me to get the process started?
    Documents relating to your financial situation, income, and mortgage details help legal professionals to draft the papers your lender requires for a need based loan modification approval. Upon receipt, the terms of the mortgage are renegotiated to reflect a lower monthly payment. Best of all, the paperwork is handled in its entirety by the professionals in charge of negotiating the deal and you are not required to attend a closing or any such meeting.
  7. How long is the Loan Modification process?
    You will see relief in as little as two weeks or a couple of months if FHA guaranteed loans are involved. In the meantime, lenders are amenable to halting foreclosure proceedings and even the sale of a home! The added benefit of this process rests in the fact that you may be able to skip one mortgage payment and get back on your feet with your budget. Since the majority of reputable lenders prefer to have you remain a customer for life than selling off your home at a loss and thus not realizing the profit of the interest payments, the process is usually not delayed.
  8. What is the cost?
    Our fees are based on your mortgage payment amount, and the complexity and urgency of your situation. Our Case Managers and Attorneys will evaluate your case and explain the best options to save your home. We are confident that you will feel that our fees are a bargain compared to the cost of the alternatives. We offer a money back guarantee if you are one of the few we cannot help.



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