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NPV (or Net Present Value) is a calculation which indicates how much an investment, such as a bond or a mortgage, is worth today. If investors are faced with multiple choices for investments, they generally prefer the investment with the higher calculated NPV. When deciding whether to modify a mortgage, investors will choose the option with the higher NPV, either the mortgage modified or left “as is.” For the HAMP program, servicers compare the NPV of the mortgage with a HAMP modification to that of the mortgage left “as is.” If the NPV with the modification is higher than, or within a specified range of, the NPV of the mortgage without the HAMP modification, HAMP servicers are required to provide the HAMP modification for eligible mortgages (subject to investor restrictions.)

It is important to note that our law firm provides only an estimate of a mortgage servicer’s NPV evaluation. Our law firm’s formula is parallel in calculation as that used by mortgage servicers in evaluating a mortgage for HAMP, but differences in input data (such as the information provided to us during evaluation) and other industry-related data used by the NPV formula may result in different outputs. Our calculations and estimates are for informational purposes only and are not to be interpreted as accurate data.

Please remember that the result of your mortgage’s NPV evaluation is one of several factors that determine whether your property is most likely eligible for HAMP modification. For more information, CLICK HERE to have us review your Eligibility Criteria or call us at 1-866-533-2533.


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